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“Reactionary Elements”-The second of fifty poems in fifty days from BE.aGaIN

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I chose reactionary elements as the second poem in BE.aGaIN as it deals with early childhood (following on from “1980”-see yesterday’s post!). The title came after the poem was complete-more on that later.

The first verse is a typical childhood scene- children in wellington boots jumping in puddles to see how the natural element of water would react to what they were doing.However the last line brings in an odd socio-political context “rubber, bought by mothers”-This shows the contrast between the freedom of children versus the freedom of adults in a supposedly democratic society.

Ireland in the early 80s was a very odd and dark place, essentially run by Bishops and incompetent bureaucrats. An example of this was a ban on the sale of condoms(not a joke-Have a look!!)

The second verse introduces… me. I always had a strange fascination with the Bible from an early age and the New Testament and Jesus in particular. Ironically in the era and country that I was introduced to this,I never saw it as obligation or anything scary. For me, and though not the coolest thing to say-Jesus to me was the first Superhero, someone that everyone could believe in. I liked him as he came from nothing and had to build his message and following from the ground up and in essence was on the side of right and very anti-authoritarian!!(which any child would appreciate).He was also a universal poet and a teacher at a higher consciousness level.

So the second verse, yes- is a young me trying to to walk on water (Of course it is!)and the third verse is the reactive elements (adults) reacting to the child being unable to control the element (water) while holding umbrellas (collapsible canopies) and at the same time, not really understanding what he is trying to achieve.

I think the theme of losing innocence and the loss of unrestrained joy and imagination is also in there. The kids-happy to jump in and out of muddy puddles whilst the adults need an umbrella to even stand and watch them, lest a single drop of rain fall upon their head!.

The very last line also goes right into the heart of the child and pure imagination -a child willing himself to become another superhero, Superman.

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