Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

“Punk”-Poem No.3 from BE.aGaIN

On the third day, we rise and take you to the garages or the spare rooms of suburbia and the breeding ground of the most holy of viruses-The teenage hormone infused unshakable confidence of the upstart band. It really doesn’t matter what or if you can play-you are in a band-that is all that matters and don’t the neighbours know it.

This is a love song to anyone who wants to or has ever joined a band-no matter how bad you were or how “next big thing” you became-the space for “home made diatribes”.

My first experience of writing lyrics for an audience was in this same said space and I loved it.

“A sound to fill the holes inside”-Music/Art/Literature is a tonic to the void of the soul-symptomatically you end up making friends ,a little money and a lot of noise-whether it be melodic or in key-or not.

Throughout the poem I wanted to paint a picture of the why and the who that “Punk” relates to and maybe it’s a kind of pamphlet for future punks to give their parent (s),


BE.aGaIN available now


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