Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

And on the 5th day..learn what P.O.A.S.T.I.A stands for

Welcome back,and to the fifth poem of BE.aGaIN where we take a trip to the sea side.

Poastia was influenced by two people-James Joyce (title)and Bruce Springsteen (lyrically).

The town is Bray, a “faded seaside town”,and the “difficult child” is me.

The Dart train that makes an appearance in yesterday’s post is here again,its machine gun like sound leading to thoughts of a “Paddy Field in Napalm” for some reason.

Bruce and the “V.A. Man”is never too far away. “The fairgrounds closed down” echoing “My Hometown” and the “kids are huddled on the beach in the mist” from Born to Run gives way to the more reductionist “The kids on the beach” followed by the all together more Hemingwayish “Old Man and the Sea”

Again there is duality,even at the sea side,the poem starting with a child and ending with Old Man.

Joyce ,as well as providing the inspiration for the title,was a child of bray’s seafront too and his Martello terrace home and the town blooms in Ulysses and other work too.

it’s not just the title that is out of Context,this is an attempt to show a seaside resort at rest,out of context,out of sorts,in April,waiting to be born again.




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