Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Where do pictures postcards lie?. In the Dead of Winter.

We move from portraits to postcards for the Sixth poem in BE.aGaIN.This work first appeared in Milk and Cake’s “Dead of Winter” anthology in February 2021 (What an innovative press-Please check them out! and great merch too!)

Any photo,painting or picture is a moment frozen in time and this is where this poem opens-imagining a too perfect white winter blanket peppered with precipitation after the moment that “Tears at the tapestry”

The lantern is the star of the second stanza and the object becomes both personified and subjective.It is the obvious light in the darkness.You also only think of the light of a lantern and not the smoke-so what helps you see can also blind you.

The first stanza-from the artist,photographer,scene setter’s point of view gave way to time and decay while the second brought us to movement and our attention seeking lantern so that the photographed can seek other objects to pay attention to. The third and final stanza is an altogether more existentialist proposition.

We take the view of children staring out of the scene,but not at the camera but beyond it-“At the endless journey ahead”.A cozy comforting blanket of childhood has been removed and replaced with the cold choices of a life ahead off in the mid distance.

BE.aGaIN is out now



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