Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Today we go to the cinema to see four advent candles!

Yes you read that right-stick with me-it will all make sense.

(The 9th poem from BE.aGaIN which is out now!)

Many would know advent from calendars, as the countdown to Christmas begins from the first of next month,But advent was originally celebrated over the four Sundays preceding the day ,with different candles lit for Hope,Peace,Love and Joy (others may go by Prophecy,Bethlehem etc.).

Candles are the archetypal light in the dark, one of our earliest imitations of the celestial and attempt to impose the order of light onto the chaos of darkness .So of course I turned them into film stars from the golden age of the silver screen!

The four candles become stars of upcoming features that are the trailers before the main feature in our cinema “Incandescent in a leading role”, “Remembered for it’s brief cameos”.It all has the feel of a 50’s “now in panavision” trailer for a big studio picture.

In the last verse we meet Joy-which appears out of nowhere as it should -“Last minute” and “usher lit”-the cinema’s very own light in the darkness.

You will notice that Joy has to shuffle past “where despair sits” and that the poem’s title is “To a Life near you” and we realise that, yes, this is a piece of positive writing, but the protagonist may be “Despair” itself and that despair may also be the author waiting for these four stars-or even just one of them-to light the way. Joy just sat down next to him so let’s see!



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