Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

In Other News…

(Keep an eye out for an announcement tomorrow-A reward!for coming with me on the first 10 poems of BE.aGaIN)

“In Other News”..this is how many a news broadcast would end..some positive re-enforcement (usually a squirrel on waterskis) after the litany of sad,tragic,fearful,depressing news items from just one measure of the earth’s rotation.

“A light hanging low has been discovered”

The seed (or light bulb in this case) for this poem was the question -what would happen if Jesus was born tomorrow? In our world as it is? Would the event even make the news?.Could the three wise men get a Visa? Would the star of Bethlehem be rendered redundant by light pollution?-“ Cities growing orange growing smothered”.

Maybe you could only find him if you were completely alone and in the dark yourself.

All of these questions hit me and so I wrote.A stable maybe with a light bulb on the edge of town for the “Inn-less out -casts” and beyond them in the distance -cities of LED stars with digitized Saint Nicholas’.

It is also worth remembering that Mary and Joseph and the infant historical Jesus were fleeing political persecution and an autocratic regime-they were -in whatever term is more comfortable for you-refugees,asylum seekers,immigrants,diaspora,ex-pat etc etc.

Jesus wasn’t born yesterday but what if he was tomorrow-could you see or would you want to see- “a single bulb,a distant light”?.



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