Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Everyone has a cross to bear-the 11th poem from BE.aGaIN

“Deicide” flowed nicely after “In Other News” and they are found side by side in BE.aGaIN. This poem was first published by the wonderful Kleksograph ,curated by Peter Van Belle in Belgium-a terrific outlet for the art of the subconscious.

I was always fascinated by two things central to this poem.One was the t-shirt worn by Axl Rose at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert,emblazoned with Jesus replete in crown of thorns and the words “Kill your idols”.The other was the fact that the “Carpenter’s Son” had to carry his own wooden implement of death.

“You could have carved it with your own hands”

It is one of the simplest,but I believe the most thought provoking of works that I have written.An attempt at duality-Yes,Jesus,son of God knew he had to die to save the world but what of the son of the carpenter?-what was the Jesus who was born here,loved the earth and its people,his family and friends,contemplating as he made his way through those stations?.

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