Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Ch ch ch Changes

* BE.aGaIN is still FREE! on Amazon *

The Broken Buddha was also first published in Sein und Werden in Autumn 2020 (See yesterdays post)

The poem begins with a description of a statue of Buddha on a mantlepiece- “Motionless and smiling” -and introduces the buddhist concept that the only thing permanent is change.

Dukha as a concept is also introduced-the belief that suffering is synonymous with existence,something that we are told that “Children don’t reflect on”

We then get a close up of an arm reaching up,the sightless hand of an infant who has come to alter the statue’s state!-“So let’s see what you’re made of”

I had an image of a house and a living room adorned with a statue whose meaning was probably lost on it’s owner, but the child,with a mixture of curiosity,innocent and devilment,went after what was “just out of reach”.I really tried to show that all the striving we do for the physical and getting that next “thing” is what adults not children do until they find actual meaning.

Tune in tomorrow for the 14th poem of BE.aGaIN on Behind the Lines-or read ahead with your very own free copy!



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