Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

In Bloom

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“Flowers” is a very simple but enjoyable poetic device and a case of -is the literal grass always greener.?

The voice in the work is of a flower in the midst of an existential crisis-“Not able for this wind”.

It also knows it’s life is finite-“when did ending begin” ?and starts to consider how it will meet its demise and what the best way to go would be.

It relies on the sun for growth,which is not always around,or at least it can’t see it through the clouds.The flower also has to deal with bees,the wind etc etc.

As we move into the third verse,the flower considers a less real but maybe more comfortable ending “I’d look well on your table”.

Appealing directly to the reader to pick it from it’s current position,the flower is a self aware entity,pleading with the prospective picker to show it,even for a few days, how the other half live “staring out at the grass”.

I chose the “still life” wording as the flower is so often a central subject of this artistic form ,but in this poem,we only get a quick sketch-we know nothing of the floral species of the poem’s voice,it’s color,or where exactly it’s positioned.

Thank you all for reading along and we will continue the journey tomorrow.

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