Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

(Getting) Out of the Blue

We begin a new week in the journey through BE.aGaIN with an odd little poem.

It tries to get to the heart of what the poet is not ,in order to get to what he is ,at the time of writing .“I’m not a leaf on a tree” and simply falling with the fall,nor a “Ship on the sea” who will surrender to a random piratic boarding.

Both starting unconnected examples of powerlessness mention color and both paint random scenes of motion,of failing .

We then instantly move just to color itself and realize this piece may be more personal and that there is no black or white in life,just grey complicated hues which are “closer to the truth”.

I was quite proud of two things in the creation of this work-the art of distraction with the twinned but unrelated scenes at the start and secondly the taking of the reference to color from both of those and making that the focal point for the remainder.

“I wish I was anything but blue”.Color is expressed as an emotion in the last line which finally reveals the unvarnished truth, the palette of chicanery eventually giving way to the true message of the piece.

Your mind is something to be looked after and mental health is as important as physical health.Whether that’s through painting or poetry or any artistic pursuit,it’s a muscle that should be exercised regularly.Express what you’re feeling in your favorite medium-it helps!

We will continue the journey through BE.aGain tomorrow and remember it’s still FREE!!!-Here

Mind yourselves,



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