Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

In Chains in the Membrane

The Cave is our destination in BE.aGaIN today.

Written during the pandemic and it’s restrictions on social activity,the allegory of the Cave seemed apt for what was “behind our fear”.

The occupants of Plato’s cave seem oddly timeless if we substitute shadows on the wall for the blue lights of tablets and televisions.“can we turn out heads to see what’s real?”.

For a small dark cave,to be honest,Duality seems to be everywhere-it is something I employ a-lot in my work unconsciously.

The poem imagines a Spartacus figure,maybe a part of our soul, leading the Last Man,consumer or modern comfortable human to “light and truth outside” and urging us to climb out of the darkness.

There is also a sense that maybe we know this truth already-some kind of forgotten collective knowledge,or quite simply -we find the cave safer and more appealing than the blinding light of what’s outside.

I also tried to question-were we put here?were we always here? Did we put ourselves here? and maybe link it to the search for light or meaning-is there more than we think there is to our comfortable existence?

“It’s dark inside the cave”



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