Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Nothing is real

This piece first appeared in Mason Street in their 2020 Summer edition.

Simulātiōnem opens from the point of a view of an omnipotent being,perhaps in a dystopian future,or more oddly perhaps to a world that they has created or controls the narrative and even the tides “Son dies,Moons Rise”

It could be a world where happiness is a product-“There’s a shortage at the corner store”

The last three lines moves into a different world-maybe our world on the atomic level where we can’t even be sure if we are sitting on a chair or just our electrons coming into contact with the electrons from the chair.

If the laws of physics betray what we feel as “real”,then what else are we not sure of?

Thank you all for following along and join us tomorrow for the next installment of BE.aGaIN,


P.S. The artwork that serves as a beautiful backdrop for the piece was actually an AI creation that fooled human judges in a contest.


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