Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines


Today’s work is the first poem that I ever had published,appearing in the wonderful Kleksograph .It imbued in me the confidence to take my work more seriously and took me away from the maelstrom of mal contentment that was 2020, so cheers to Peter Van Belle in Belgium!(Kleksograph’s 10th issue is out in January).

Masks is also one of my favorite written children as it literally “fell from heaven”. It’s couplets completed themselves very quickly and with little sculpting.

It marked the high tide(along with tomorrow’s poem) of my dualistic direction and whilst it is full of puns,playing with phrases and language,at it’s core is confusion-“hard to tell”and a sense of foreboding-“We opened the gates”

Masks are designed to protect or to hide and take cover under, but in the artistic sense they do the opposite-they are revelatory.As a poet the more masks you wear and the more celestial bodies,characters,elements of nature and ideas that you take brief possession of for a certain piece,the more you reveal the truth about yourself.

“Masks” can be found in BE.aGaIN, which is available now.



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