Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

“Some Men just want to watch the World burn”

The world of comics and it’s heroes and villains has always intrigued.Following on from yesterday’s “Masks”,we enter the domain of duplicity and the alter ego.

The fact that this poem was written by someone whose pen name and persona is itself a work of fiction shows the influence that medium has had on me.“Duplicity” “Eccentricity”.In essence,adornment of an avatar or a mask makes the world you see and how the world in turn sees you.

Post 9-11 and the ensuing “War on Terror”,in film,art,culture and comic books the world was no longer black and white,became grey and it’s morals muddied.

Even the real heroes in the real world these days are viewed with suspicion-Philanthropy is mis-trusted and examined through the prism of malevolent agenda- “Villain-tropy or just a guilty plea?”. Those with resources or name value and a willingness to put it to good use are accused of Megalomania, rather than perhaps the guilt of having too much and a need to give back that drives them on.The superpower of immense wealth and it’s positive use is less celebrated in reality than on the pages that Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark occupy.

There is also the sense in this work that Heroes need Villains and vice-versa and that maybe we are all equal parts of each-“That balance beam”.

There has always been Heroes and Villains and there always will be.Weather gods who were displeased and brought drought instead of harvest or Janus,(used as the illustrative backdrop here),the two faced god,who is probably more representative of the permanent human condition.

Join us tomorrow for more from BE.aGaIN, my first collection of 50 poems including this one.

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(See-two sides to everyone-the earnest heroic poet was really just trying to sell you something!!)



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