Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Burnt Orange Heretic

People say that Politics and Art should never mix.I am not one of them. Today we go behind the lines of the 24th poem of BE.aGaIN and through the lines of blue and red states and into the state of the mind of the leader of the free world at the height of the pandemic.

America has been a great friend to the island I am from on the other side of the Atlantic. It gave us Jazz, Rock and Roll, Professional Wrestling and at key times in our own troubled history ,a sense of hope and what was possible in a high functioning republic.

This all changed watching Covid press conferences from the White House .

America it seemed had been hijacked by some strange idiocratic regime.The talk of injecting bleach as a remedy, the country’s chief medical advisors being contradicted constantly and the tragic pandemic itself becoming a sideshow to the Ego show was alarming.

This all turned my thoughts to-This guy can’t be elected again…can he?.

His words and hate speak were “colder than rusted old anthems” and “darker than 6am”.

I could only see a colder, darker America under his stewardship for another term and a country, where in desperate times, there would no longer be a welcome for huddled masses, no “peaceful assembly” and an administration that “only grew cold” to it’s most vulnerable when these very people most needed a competent commander in chief.

And yes, the barcoding of the poem and the hue chosen for the backdrop is deliberate.

Human life should not have a dollar value and is not a commodity or a product to be traded as a means to and end for self serving politicians-anywhere.



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