Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines


The 33rd poem from my debut collection is probably the simplest in both conception and language.

I wanted to link something finite and concrete like two people who have stopped talking to each other -“A mouth that only mutters”- with something as light ,limited and delicate as a butterfly that “Only lives for one day”.

In the grand scheme of infinity, a lifetime can also be seen as a “momentary flutter”, like a day in the sun that we all have, that is briefly enjoyed before it gets taken away.

The staring four lines and the last four lines squeeze the lines about the butterfly like an constricted concertina, pressing the fleeting beauty that exists in the middle of the piece.

I also liked to play on the rolling shutters that can come down suddenly and without warning across the lease-line of an once open door in a relationship or on a life span, however short or long it might be.

BE.aGaIN, my debut collection, is out now



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