Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Emptied Vessel

Emptied Vessel starts in a personified past tense- “I was electricity” and pretty soon it is apparent to the reader that the speaker is in fact dead and telling their story from an “unmarked tomb”.

I also couldn’t resist the word play of “static” referring to the electricity but also the nature of the narrator in their grave.

This is probably one of the darkest poems of BE.aGaIN in an emotive,existentialist sense as the protagonist finds no purgatory or punishment or paradise,just “the dark”.

The spark has gone, the body has ceased to be,functionally,and there is “no illumination”. This is not a personal belief I hold but a thought experiment of-if earthly life is all there is,what happens when it’s over?.

Join us tomorrow on Behind the Lines for the 35th poem on our journey through the collection.

BE.aGaIN is out now ,



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