Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Alarmist in Residence

The 37th poem of BE.aGaIN is “Dread”.

There are the butterflies brought on by excited expectation and the adrenaline of anticipated adventure ,but the damned destructive drama that dread brings is a different unwanted sensation entirely.

I chose to paint Dread as an artist in residence in your head who has also taken out a time share holiday home in the pit of your stomach that “sculpts away at sleep at sanity”.

“It’s still inside but not at all still inside”

If you suffer from anxiety,it can be debilitating physically and mentally.

It can take the form of an abandoned child acting out, an adult unable to regulate their emotions or in the elderly a fear of what used to be everyday and easybut no longer is.It can be destructive in relationships of all kind and most importantly,how we relate to ourselves.

You don’t have to go to the extent of dressing anxiety up as art and advertising it to the world,but if it helps- do it.

If it helps to talk to someone about it-

do it.

If it helps to see a professional about it-

do it.

Mind yourselves,



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