Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

On a Reindeer Farm with Cupid?

The 41st poem of BE.aGaIN is “Beat-en”. When I decided to blog daily in order from the collection-I had no idea that this would be the offering for Christmas Eve but that’s the universe for you.Apologies for the unintentional buzz-kill.

This piece is what I like to describe as one of my numerous “Nonsense” poems-a work that sees what the last line said and then the next follows from a stream of consciousness in the Beat Poet tradition. This means we get “holding pen” followed by “holding a pen” and “left with” followed by “got right”.”Grow Up” turns to “show up” turns to “showing me up” .A delicious serving of free form association that hopefully tells a story.

It is honest, bitter, fast moving and rails against the commercialism of an upcoming Christmas period a few years ago-underpinned by regret, loneliness and anger.

The pen never really left the page in its creation, whose gestation period was probably a matter of minutes, though it’s one of the longer poems in BE.aGaIN

There is duality everywhere-“Filled with silence”, “up is down’ “left is right” and eyes and needles all fall on to the page. Even open heart surgery on a teddy bear. All of this adds to the frenetic, rabid confusion of the work.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first of the nine remaining poems ,behind the lines of the first collection,

And obviously, Happy Christmas, in spite of today’s subject matter.



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