Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

As White as Snow

“Epitaph for Hope” is the 42nd poem from BE.aGaIN.

It owes a lot to weather, a little bit to Disney princesses and a line to W.B. Yeats.

We know that the subject of the poem has been and gone “Like sporadic sunlight” or “passing thunder”.

We know six lines in that this fleeting flickering fickleness has left the narrator ‘Passed over for someone else”.

Snow White makes an appearance, who we are told had an ‘acidic reign”, so more a combination of wicked witch and wild weather than a dweller with dwarves however.

Where would anyone from my island be without Yeats and his much smaller island that he longed for from the streets of London over 100 years ago?

Again I have brought a pale to His well-of works- “Dropping slow”, ‘I will not arise and go” ,all hero worship from the inspiration of Inisfree.

In the last line, the narrator has become weather himself- a cold, slow rain that starts slowly and never stops “soaking you to the bone”.


p.s. BE.aGaIN is out now, a perfect read while you have time this holiday season and you can come to Behind the Lines for any of the fifty poems in it to see where each work came from.


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