Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Being the Brick and the Window

Behind The Lines is the daily companion piece over 50 consecutive days for the 50 poems in my debut collection, BE.aGaIN. The collection is available now for a limited period for just $£€0.99!! in Kindle Format or $£€ 3.99 !! in Paperback.

The clue to this poem, the 46th poem in the collection, is in the title.It is a study in duality.More importantly, however, in yesterday’s blog, we left a man alone in the darkness of a somnambulist’s self created church-Today’s poem is that same person and what he decides to do next!

There are “two-way mirrors”, “faith” and “sinners”, “Blessings”, “curses”.

He is both the brick and the window of the “empty” church that he has built to worship a want a way lover. He will feel the pain of both the brick and the window if he destroys it.

His congregation is gone, his idol is not returning to him anytime soon, and he has to find a way out of the darkness without destroying himself. He finds his way out by deciding to write-

“Leaving words may offer consecration”.

Or how another piece about a Brick and Window might put it -There is no other way out of here..

Today’s backdrop is a beautiful work by Marc Chagall,The God of Stained Glass Windows.No bricks necessary.



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