Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

…”And Words are all I have….”

The third last poem of the first collection is “Words”,the whole poem a description of what they mean to the written artist.

I have never felt like I wrote a poem myself-There was always something else in the room,a universal stream I was tapping into.

“The eternal transubstantiation of human pain” -Words have always been about giving a name to pain or a voice to suffering and turning anguish “into art and into hearts of others”.

Transubstantiation is the Catholic belief that the bread and wine at mass turn into the literal body and blood of Christ.Protestants do not believe this.But let’s not get into all that.I just loved the six syllable sentiment and the sonics of this word.

Words can also make the “earthly suffering ethereal” turning tragic into magic at the stroke of a pen.

This poet in essence is a time traveller-he or she can investigate painful pasts and imagine fantastic futures, they can also leave something behind to the oral or written tradition, a time capsule of captured moments in time. The poet can also ,over time, be part of raising human consciousness.

The backdrop for todays piece is the handwritten piece by W.B. Yeats, ‘An Irish Airman foresees his death”.



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