Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Fragment #2-Sing a Song of Six Pence

Today in that space between the end of BE.aGaIN and the release of Unreconciled Doors * in just under a week, We again go behind the lines of a partial fragment or orphaned Ode. Today’s two line take is “Birdsong”.

“Birdsong” is less a fragment and more a complete condensed piece. A statement of scientific fact that flys against poetic instinct and contrary to our natural instincts about nature perhaps-that it and it’s inhabits live in communal calm and harmony.

Essentially, birds sing to mark territory and attract a mate. In other words “Look at my house and what I can offer”(or in Dublin-ese…”Look at me gaff- how could ya resist”).

I was struck during the Lockdown too about how sounds and sights we took for granted could go missing from our lives. This was in my head as I walked through a local forest for the first time in months in 2021 after the easing of restrictions in Ireland. The voyage yielded this poem and another one ” Forest Sketch”.

The temptation in the end also to try and use “Beautiful” and “Ugly” and “Life” and “Death” in a one sentence statement poem was eventually too strong. I like statements/Art that maybe makes you think a little differently or question assumptions you may have had about a sound or an image.

I love Nature and feel best when immersed in it.It’s a free resource that instantly make you feel better. “Fractals” or “Mandelbrot sets” appear in nature. They are geometric, shaped laws of nature and have mental health benefits.They are the reason that software manufacturers use nature scenes as welcome imagery and screen savers-They make you feel better about the daily drudge!.

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