Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Fragment #4- Doll Parts

Yes, the title of today’s blog is a Hole pun. It was between that and “Hole of the Moon”.

Today in that space between the end of BE.aGaIN and the release of Unreconciled Doors * in four days time, I attempt to go behind the lines of a partial fragment or orphaned Ode. Today’s piece is a one liner with no punch line-“Holes in the Ground”-Fragment number four of seven.

This poem came to me whilst driving down a road in the middle of nowhere or more specifically, the middle of Ireland. It is a universal scene-a tragedy some would say:-8 men looking into a hole while one stands in said hole, the whole of him resting on a shovel. This vision of hi-vis gave rise to me thinking about Life.

“You’re either digging them or filling them”

This cannot be the most productive use of their time, shovelling before they shuffle off the mortal coil.It cannot also been the most productive use of my time, being paid to drive from A to B or C minus, witnessing this.

On a serious note though, I like the simplicity and sentiment of the piece. Its negative capability appealed to me. Work is the blackmail of life and then you die etc etc. and the fact that digging a hole is the ultimate creation of space, perhaps a negative space but something new nonetheless.

You also have to know what a hole in the ground is and to be able to refer to the title for a full understanding of the work so there is an implicit consent or level of interpretation ascribed to the reader.

*Unreconciled Doors is available to pre-order in Kindle format now on Amazon for just $€£ 0.99


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