Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Lend me your ears (Please!)

Just a quick station break announcement here to say that I have launched “Behind the Lines” as a podcast. The first episodes are available now for you on all major podcast platforms including Anchor, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

I would really appreciate anyone reading this to follow and maybe rate and five-star review (haha!).

For me ,this is another leap of faith in humanity- sharing poetry with the world, publishing it, opening up with a blog and now letting the world hear my voice, so maybe check it out! (Please).

Who knows and maybe it’s delusional but once all the current collection ones are in the bag, this may become a discursive, discussion, or interview based podcast focusing behind the lines of other poets and authors (you guys really!) creative output?.

If you would be interested in a longer form discussion sometime in the future on the podcast, why not let me

Have a great Saturn’s day,



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