Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Leaving-In the Material World

Today in that space between the end of BE.aGaIN and the release of Unreconciled Doors * tomorrow!!!, I attempt to go behind the lines of a partial fragment or orphaned Ode from my output. Today’s piece is about intentionally losing-“You can keep it”-Fragment number seven of seven.

Today’s offering is part of a major trope of my work-The search for meaning in the physical world ,and with age and experience, the discontent with or the rejection of many of the traps and trappings of Western materialism.

You are not the things you own.

They will not make you happy.

In the last year, I have done a lot of leaving.

I left a job that I was miserable in ,despite the pay check, sold a house that I was not happy in anymore and I have left one geographical jurisdiction and trading bloc for another.

Am I sorry that I left my “comfortable existence”?. No.

In truth, I have never been happier.

If you find that the more you have = the less time and happiness you have, then-Leave.

We all get one go around at this in our temporary bodies.

Watch less TV.

Read more poetry.

*Unreconciled Doors is available to pre-order in Kindle format now on Amazon for just $€£ 0.99

If you like and if you can, having being delighted by this daily dose of dissonance, maybe Buy Me a Coffee please ,or even better, pre-order Unreconciled Doors, so you can read along with Behind the Lines- from tomorrow!!!!!


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