Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Miracles and Seamus Heaney walk into a bar…

And find a familiar figure nursing a pint.

I had no idea how to describe the process of this, the 5th poem from Unreconciled Doors and so ,for Behind the Lines today, I have looked at what may have influenced it.

The truth is that the poem was written in under two minutes and takes even less time to recite.

I do know that the second line was certainly stolen from ” The Cure at Troy” and “Hope” and “History” have been replaced with “Life and expectations”.

I have no problem saying stolen, rather than- inspired, a homage, in tribute, etc etc ad nauseam..

F**k that-I stole it, like a magpie, looking for shiny lines for the wordy nest. All poets do if they are being honest with themselves and their audience. Poets just need to make sure they steal from the true greats.

Speaking of greatness, the “Eyes wouldn’t fill and shed down carved familiar lines” is most certainly a result of listening to the greatness, grandness and genius of Smokey Robinson and the Miracle’s sublime “Tracks of My Tears” (they also recorded “Tears of a Clown”).

There is something in the sound of that song that is mesmerising. Lyrically it asks the addressed to look “closer” as it’s “easy to trace the tracks of my tears”.

It’s probably also the first and maybe only use of the four-syllable word made symphony by them-“masquerading”. Stunning.

This poem came very quickly and obviously works of art from Derry and Detroit were at work in the snug of the subconscious. I am very proud of it though as it capture’s a moment in time, like an emotional Balance Sheet, and is very much a neat, self contained and self fulfilling entity

“If looks could kill,

I won’t lie, it kills me still”


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