Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Desert Island Floppy Disks

I am not a digital native.

I got my first mobile/cell phone at 18 years of age-free with a student bank account.

Facebook was formed after I had received my degree and I still remember when a HB pencil was your only friend in the battle against an unruly cassette tape.

Streaming was something your nose did in cold weather.

Algo is most certainly an analogue acolyte who like many have adapted to the digital age.

The fact that there is more computing power in that iPhone in your hand than in the on board computer of Apollo 11 blows my mind. I come from an age where if you wanted to remember something, you learnt it by heart, if you wanted to remember a face or an occasion, you might open a leather bound contact paper covered album full of photos that took days to develop.

Today’s piece deals with a different kind of device-the human mind, where the past becomes an island that is more and more difficult to swim back to from the mainland of the maintenant, the narrow shore of the now.

“I find it hard to remember your voice”.

This poem is really about -the phone numbers you never thought you would forget/the person you might have talked to every single day or woken up beside and how time’s tides erodes that beautiful beach that you lay on.

Some may call this nostalgia and they would be right. Nostalgia comes from the compound of the Greek-Nostos- return home (Homesickness) and Algos (Pain or longing).

Yes I am self aware- one Algo is a pain so imagine more!!!..

Looking back to the past- things always look brighter, better than they probably were and maybe it is reflective of a person’s circumstances at their point of looking back.

The past is a foreign country. The future, though yet unknowable and not yet habitable in is unfolding in every now after this now. Better to long for the future, than lament the past.


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