Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Blacker than Black Cauldron and other lesser Disney Movies

Today’s poem from Unreconciled Doors is “Soirée”.

This piece came to me on waking from a dream about real people who had Disney-fied eyes.

“Disney Eyes” are drawn much larger than normal eyes so that the animator can use these to convey emotions to their audience. They are also generally used for the heroine and not the hero and almost have a trance-like effect. Think Elsa or Pocahontas rather than the Wicked Witch.

What it meant? I had and have no idea.

I then got to thinking about colours -and “technicolour”(technicolor depending on which side of an ocean you come from) and all those innovative terms that you might see on an old movie or film reel. So, what might be the complete opposite of that?.

Vantablack would be the answer. This material, invented in 2014 , absorbs nearly 100% of light that hits it. (See below a stark illustration of the same casts- with one coated in Vantablack).

It is certainly very different to look at or try to absorb and is, as my old Art teacher used to say- “Blacker than Black”.

The poem goes on to imagine the night as something akin to Vantablack, an entity that could “smother After noon’s panicked breathless shudders”. Yes this would be panic attacks.

The poet then considers (at that time of writing )whether it would be better to spend -entire days and nights- just in night, and asleep.

This would be a place, in dreams, like some random nocturnal animator or projectionist,where “Everyone in here, I made them all”- be they demons or Disney eyed deities in the cinema of slumber.

The poem closes by stating this is “The Safest way”-(i.e. letting characters manifest -as inhabitants of Dream town, no matter how real, cannot hurt you)”Close your eyes and fall”-Whether that’s fall… asleep/ fall…. further into the black cauldron of rumination and un-reality/ fall apart.

All were choices at the time this poem was written. I chose not to and chose life and “reality” instead. It may have been a hard landing, but was worth it. Chaos demands order and an idle creative mind demands a blank page.

Let’s all go to the lobby,


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