Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Poetic Pondering on Paranormal Podcasts

For my first collection, Be.aGaIN, I inserted two poems that were “Westerns”, they were disconnected to the overall theme of the rest of the collection, to allow the reader breath and take a temporary temporal turn off before submerging back into the heart’s dark matter.

I have done the same here again, in Unreconciled Doors, as we visit the world of Forteana, the paranormal and the unexplained ,in an extract from the elevenses that is the 11th piece of the new collection.

*The podcast episode itself was an older iteration of the “Micah Hanks Show” during the pandemic*

This poem was an exercise in trying to recount a piece of media that I had recently listened to, in my own words, and transport one medium into another. The subject matter itself was superb so I could not resist inserting this subversive sequence unexpectedly in the collection.

The poem reports back on a podcast episode that dealt with two subjects. The first being the appearance of ‘Aero-Ships” that appeared over California and Texas in 1896 and 1897 that is covered in the extract that is today’s featured image.

It led me to muse on “memory” and what its “function” was and rather than remember ,maybe it is also a cultural need, “a long for belonging”.

The remainder of the full piece in the collection deals with the below photograph, (authentic not verified!!!) and “Thunderbirds” that were “Dis-covered” in a town called Tombstone!.(article is backdrop for today’s offering)

I found this poetic exercise a great work out that is often ignored, the leg day of literature so to speak , and it resulted in my longest and most bizarre published piece to date.

Back to the bunker!,


Unreconciled Doors is available to order in Kindle format now on Amazon for just $€£ 0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited

If you like and if you can, having being delighted by this daily dose of dissonance, maybe Buy Me a Coffee please ,or even better, order Unreconciled Doors, so you can read along with Behind the Lines

And while we are on the subject of podcasts……If you follow, you can listen along to the first collection, which is now in daily audio format…..


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