Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The State of the Nation(s)

*For context, this, the 12th poem of Unreconciled Doors, was written during the Pandemic, and the accompanying lockdowns and restrictions in Ireland*

“The state of you/ya” is a great phrase of Irish slang which translates essentially as -You’re a disgrace.

The phrase “all in this together” was oft used and trumpeted by governments across the globe during this emergency and was employed specifically to get the populous on board with restrictions on mobility outside of their own homes.

The cynic, however,would say, that there were levels to this togetherness, rules depended on who you were, and many were left wondering what the long term implications would be.

People were reduced to the very two dimensional “Workers” and then again subdivided into “Key” and ‘Essential” and “non-key” or “non-essential”.

Key could either mean ER and ICU medical staff (Rightfully so) or…. supermarket workers (The only places open for much of the emergency).

“Insects in excrement”-there are certain people who love misery-and the pandemic was the real life soap opera that a certain cohort had craved and they were attracted to each news update or each daily case count like flies to shit.

Many people have never studied history.If they did ,they would see that it repeats,and historically, governments love fear and have used it to the detriment of society at large.It gives “leaders” a spotlight,a sense of purpose and an appetite for even greater control.Never waste a good crisis.

An example of this would be the millions in the UK, led by their prime minister, who applauded at a designated time each week to clap for nurses and other frontline NHS workers -who received inadequate PPE in an already under resourced system ran by-the government.

The very same nurses and personnel ( who, again, rightfully) are currently on strike on a rotational basis (rotational as trying to give some kind of care to patients) . Why are they taking industrial action ?………. the VERY SAME government who turned them into superheroes….. has refused promised pay rises in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Wherever you live in the world, question your government and every decision that they make on-YOUR-behalf, because pretty soon, Citizens are reduced to-“Taxpayers”-and we all become valued only by the “value” we bring to the state coffers.



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