Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

What The Centre Can Hold

The 14th poem of Unreconciled Doors ,”The Centre can hold a TV licence”, is today’s focus on Behind the Lines.It is the third wheel in the tricycle of “political” poems in the collection.

I have always found political debate or interviews of government representatives on state owned TV stations hilarious. The “poor” junior minister who is wheeled out nightly with a quick briefing and not a clue of how to actually answer a question (but that’s the idea) “dressed in his nervous laugh”.

It is largely the middle class who watch this fare, generally at wine o’ clock, with both glasses and “opinions filled”, whilst the working class are probably trying to work/ figure out how /(to) pay bills such as the TV license itself that perversely funds the continuation of this farce.

Yes ,in many democracies, such as those above, you pay to watch civil servants- government paid employees- interview other government paid employees.(Puts CNN and Fox in a whole new light, doesn’t it?).

“Late week night television was built for this”. Late in the sense of the evening but also perhaps that we are very much past peak television when the majority of the global population do not watch moving images on a “static”(pardon the pun) TV anymore.

The backdrop for today’s poem is a circular version of “The Second Coming” by W.B. Yeats, where the original phrase ,”The Centre cannot hold”, came from, prophetically referring to nascent ,and in the end, nefarious political movements in Europe after the First World War.

Watch Less TV,

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