Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Not a Trending Topic

The below is from a Google Trends search worldwide for two terms.

Peace has flatlined.

Peace is not sexy and it is not thought of as a profitable business or it’s opposite would not exist, but Peace is the only concept that allows modern, functioning society .

By modern society, I am not talking about an abstract concept. I mean it by the following brief examples-going to the supermarket and there is food there and the lights are on, being able to bring your children to school, giving them hope for the future, or simply being able to turn on the taps and there is water there.

For forty million plus people in a country in Europe,(Yes-that Europe, in 2023), none of the above examples can be taken for granted.

War is a Man-made invention. This is not a sexist statement -it’s a MAN made invention. When was the last time you heard of a female tyrant who decided to inflict unimaginable pain on a sovereign country just because they felt like it?.

War operates at the consciousness level of toxic anger and hate.

Find a dictionary, any dictionary and have a look at the definitions for “peace”.

One definition states that it is defined by the absence of war, a state of period in which there is no war. This is why you never hear the term “Peace-start” or “Peace continues” but we are all familiar with the compound “Cease-fire”.

Another definition will tell you that the word means-silence.

Peace should never be silent. It should not rest.

I got the idea for this poem from thinking about the fact that – the most common place to find peace written-is where it is carved into rows upon rows of tombstones.

This shouldn’t be the case.



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