Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

A double date with both an Ambigram and a Palindrome.


That’s the title of today’s piece on our trip through Unreconciled Doors, which makes a stop on a most unusual date.

As the full version of the poem, rather than the excerpt attached, writes “There was nothing unusual in the day itself”, but looked at in the international date format ,the date was both an ambigram and a palindrome.

(Don’t worry, I had to look up both terms too!).

So a palindrome can be read the same way backwards and forwards.

An ambigram is something that can be read the same way both up and down.

My extensive! research even showed me that… very cool world alert…that a “semordnilap”(so cool) would be, for example, “dog” red backwards as “God”.

I was told the visual significance of the date in a text from a colleague that morning, , so I wrote the piece while at home in yet another lockdown and my mind wandered during a Teams meeting.. There was only reflection in the glass screen in front of me.

I was uncomfortable where I was in every way when writing today’s poem and this can be seen in the featured image for today’s piece.

I imagined my true self tearing down the idolatry of who and what I had become, “to unweld and dismember” it.

For whatever reason, I had a vision of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Firdos Square being torn down. Geographically and temporally odd to where I was, but a good representation of what was going through my mind at the time-about myself.

I welcomed the dismantling of the despotic demonic doppelgänger that my false self had projected onto the world.



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