Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Glass Speaks

I wanted to give an inanimate object a voice, so this is the device that is used in today’s Behind The Lines, in the poem entitled “The Glass Speaks”.

This construction led me to imagine a representative speaker for every glass that I have ever drank from.If every piece of cut melted sand that I had ever grasped, had a spokesperson, then this would be their deposition.

“So many times you picked me up and put me down again”.

The first line starts lightly enough but the narrative then takes a hand brake turn into a more tumultuous torrent-

” I was full of rocket fuel for you”

Our glass representative has fingered the poet as a “tragic clown” and is happy to identify him in the courtroom of crystalware.

The allegations become personal –

“You clinked me with those who got close enough to court”.

The insinuation being that our writer needed what was in those glasses to have confidence to get close to people.

The glass becomes more angry at how it’s kind have been treated by the poet-

“You hurled me through other glass”


“You left me on so many strange surfaces”.

The poet, with this head hung low in the witness box, recoils with the final knockout blow from the blown glass representative-

“Half empty. Full of yourself. Barely vertical”

Alcohol is the quickest route from a lower level of consciousness to a higher one, and like most drugs, requires no effort to get to that higher place at all.

That is why it is so popular ,but ,depending on how your brain chemistry is made up, why it is so destructive.


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