Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Poet’s Gambit….

…questioning God!

I would love to say that today’s poem on Behind The Lines is smart enough to be 8 lines of 8 words or syllables,making up the 64 squares of a chessboard,but it isn’t.

There is a broken,jarring rhythm to this questioning of existence.I guess this is my attempt at a psalm,shouting at a silent non-interventionist deity who masquerades as a Grandmaster,alternately playing both sides of a Universe sized board.

“Is there a plan?”-the poet as a small piece on the board asks ,or, “were you invented by man?”.

Were the sudden visions and voices in the old testament just a short sharp jolt when humanity received an upgrade in consciousness a couple of thousand years ago/a voice in their head that they couldn’t understand where it came from?

Or was it the Voice of God?

“Are there rules to the game?”.

There are so many theories about intelligent design, a higher power, a clockmaker God or a universal stream of consciousness that we can all tap into.

Perhaps the truth may only be revealed at the end of earthly existence….

“Is there no higher place?”

(Sometimes we are so concerned with the pieces that occupy our adjacent spaces that we cannot see the end of the board)

….A place that maybe has to be believed to be seen, outside of the opposing colours or short term gains of our three dimensional existence.


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