Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Risen People

Today we go Behind The Lines of the 29th poem from Unreconciled Doors, entitled “Resurrection”.

I will do something a little bit different today-some self-analysis.

I can clearly remember writing this in less than five minutes, even where I was sitting when I did, but other than paraphrase the work itself,that- Up was the only direction,-I cannot remember what the driver was here to write, except the buzz in my head, that comes when I had not written in a while and then the page fills itself.

I can date this one to 2019-Pre-pandemic, so from the old world.

“What lies under your skin?” seems a strange, dualistic opening, and in reading this back today, I also see-

“I’ve been lying here”


“Lies above”,

“Lies in love”

so mis-truth was clearly taking up mental real estate..

“Been too busy dying here”

does sound very self-indulgent and overtly dramatic, if not self-aware,followed later by-

“not be at the end”


“Die inside a lot”.

All suggest to me that something, maybe a feeling has died.

I also think loss was prevalent with-

“To see what you’ve lost”,


“when do the words lose their meaning?”

In thinking of the time period it could be a loss of self or the loss of a relationship. The “wonder why a little” leads me to believe it was the latter.

I do like it’s positivity in retrospect though with “the only direction” being Up ,as Yazz might have sang , and repeated twice throughout- maybe as a reminder to the poet to just that,

And stop looking down!

I believe that when a poem goes out into the world, it takes whatever meaning the reader wants it to have, so I am open to all suggestions!!.

I chose a self-taken photo of Notre Dame as the backdrop today, to show that everything can be re-built, even when all seems lost.


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