Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

A.ll L.ife G.oes O.n

Through cracks in the hardest surfaces, in the harshest conditions, life will always find a way. It will grow and flourish- in spite of whatever ground it has to grow up through.

Today’s blog goes Behind the Lines of “Where There Is Life/All Life Goes On”, which expounds on this sentiment in a very personal way.

“Between dark and light” is how today’s work starts.

I have always been interested in that liminal space that we sometimes exist in.

It also appealed to me as all life needs just enough of each to survive, whether that be sleep cycles and sunlight, or a flower in the wind that can’t stand up straight below the rain, but knows it needs it, while at the same time willing sunshine to appear, so that it can trap it’s energy in it’s leaves.

The poem then moves to a scene from my own life-

“The more the distance and cold resistance”

-There is a moment of realisation-probably some stage of grief-for want of a better term, where heartbreak gives way to numbness. An agreement between the soul and your temporary body that you should go on.

When somebody leaves you, it takes a long long time to get over.

Chronos is the healer, so to speak, and moves you further away from the unwanted moment, the unexpected Kairos-

“If Abandonship is a distant blip”.

I love making up words or combining them, as in the above, the abandonment disappearing over the horizon with just it’s smoke visible.

“Feelings less heightened, a little less Frightened”

These are all states that I moved through-the colours of unwanted emotions slowly fading, the willingness to leave the house and be in some way productive slowly growing through the cracks in the pavement of a paralysed heart.

I am aware that today’s backdrop ,is also by an artist with a pseudonym and focuses on the judo like strength of the Ukrainian people using the weakness of an old tyrant against him, but my mind is firmly on another tragedy today, that of the unfolding toll of tragic events in Turkey and Syria.

I am also aware that today’s post talks about Life going on, where for many, through a random seismic event, it has not.

I would urge anyone reading this to give to their fellow man and woman, and even if they can’t, to just pray that maybe those voices under the rubble will be heard.



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