Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The One Where De Niro played Al Capone (kind of)

Today’s voyage behind the lines of Unreconciled Doors makes a stop at “Untouchable”.

The 32nd poem of the collection came to me as a thought experiment.

What would happen if you could hit rewind on your life, on the life of the planet and all the things that live on it?

Untouchable, despite the accent and of no relevance to today’s blog.

“The un held hand

Holding on”

The poem parades as personal at the outset before moving to the dramatic-

“Undo this spell”

-And then out into nature-

“Un rust them all,

The leaves of fall”

I love using un- before a word, it is un-conventional, in-correct, and un-expected. There is a jarring, solid sound to the preposition, almost iron-clad.

I know it is trite to use a reversal of seasons, and in particular, the fallen detritus of Autumn to evoke a longing for youthful days of surplus sunshine, but here it seemed to work, describing the place the rewind button is trying to get to as somewhere that seems-


Summoning seasons as similes inevitably led to spring and growth and renewal in

“The bulb of spring”

which always reminds me of unknown potential.

I, by that stage could also not leave the colder more senior season out, describing the future flower as –

“Winter’s offspring”

And then the sun, which had been hinted at in “broken dawn”(s) earlier, is willed out from behind the cloudy curtain to give the work it’s rallying crescendo:-

“Sun dare!, make it touchable”

I could never resist finishing a poem with the complete opposite sentiment of it’s title and beginning.

Stay tuned tomorrow for poem number 33 as we go and watch the grass grow… or maybe not!!

Sorry for all the Un-necessary Untouchables puns,



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