Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Superb Owl Sun-day

To football fans reading this in America, I guess it’s a case of Go Birds! or Go Home or maybe its- Change the name and stop the chop?.

In either case, enjoy the annual spectacle.

To fans of “What We Do in the Shadows”, enjoy the blog title!.

Speaking of shadows, this is what the title of the 34th poem from Unreconciled Doors, creates as part of it’s job.

“Sun” personifies our circular solar life-giver and asks did it want to be in the spotlight itself, let alone Be THE spotlight ? or did it “Have any choice?”.

Would it rather it’s silver sister was constantly on duty so that it could live hermetically below the horizon?

Anyone reading this in Ireland will say that we don’t see much “Solas” (light) from our “Ghrian” (Sun) anyway! and that maybe we forgot to stick a coin in the meter.

By the way, If you look at today’s featured image, it is actually a photo I took of the moon at night rather than the sun at noon, so things are not always as they seem!!. When a Sunday is not a Sun-day.



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