Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

“Like the violence and urgency of a distress flare”

I was looking for something sudden and shocking to start what would end up becoming the 39th poem from Unreconciled Doors.

The image of a distress flare had lodged in my mind from childhood cinema visits in Ireland in the early 80’s ,when sandwiched between Winnie the Pooh,(which always preceded the main feature and was usually better) and the latest child friendly release, there was always a public information film.

For some reason, it was always the coast guard, and featured a cartoon boy, in distressed flares, with his cartoon dog, seeing a distress flare at night over the water and dialling 999 in a phone box and saying “Coastguard please” (unnervingly in a posh British accent)

The things that stick in your mind!.

I was kinda angry at the two dimensional do-gooder- he had great hair, great flares, a dog!, and got to be a hero whilst walking along a heathered headland at night on his own. His parents must have been both only sketched and a little sketchy, I thought.

Anyway…. “Transported” is about wanting to be moved, not in the physical sense, but in the emotional sense, waiting for something/anything/anyone to streak across the darkest of your skies and light up small crafts, or ships in the night, adrift on the stormiest of seas.

“Like morning displaces the dark”

I would learn, that if you float around long enough in the darkness on the surface of the deep, thankfully the universe has a funny way of cosmically fist bumping you.

Your future will walk right in, or you will walk right into them and it!. Fate or faith? You decide.

I found the missing colour that I was looking for. They are pictured in today’s featured image under a green light in the most green and yet un-green of places-

“Transported, to everything you ever wanted”



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