Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The secrets behind “Unreconciled Doors” and some massive Thank Yous

Today’s blog goes Behind the Lines of the 41st and final poem of my second collection, both titled “Unreconciled Doors” and reveals some cool secrets.

The 1st Secret of Algo- Where the title of the poem and collection came from

I had been lucky enough to have had a poem selected in 2020, to be featured in an issue of Amsterdam Quarterly, that would become “Pandemic/An Unknown Track”.(Which would become part of the 1st collection, BE.aGAIN). The original title was simply “Pandemic”, however Bryan R. Monte, the man at the helm of the publication, kindly reminded me that this was the issue’s theme and that I needed a new title.

I spent copious amounts of time researching an alternate title for one of my first features in the pages of an international journal and hit upon a great story in an Irish newspaper.

It centred around St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin and how its “Door of Reconciliation” came to be.

The door was actually where the phrase to “chance your arm” comes from!!!!, and get this….was built by an ancestor of W.B. Yeats himself. The door is on display in the church today and was built in 1492, a world away from any new world so that two warring clans, the Butlers (who were taking refuge inside) and the Fitzgeralds could make peace.

You can read the fully story here!!! Its cool

I of course, subverted this door, and presented the editor who had taken a chance on me with the wonderful title “Unreconciled Doors”.

You can guess what happened next….. it was rejected …out of hand. The door had shut on me chancing my arm!!!.

My intellectual revenge… joking… would be to write a poem to fit it and call a whole collection after it!!!.

St. Patricks Cathedral is a mad place, I graduated there years ago (just about!!!) below the flags below, and ahem , the ones on the left. Many of the newly conferred ,including myself were pretty perplexed by this, and a few were wondering if maybe some candles may be lit too close to them. It turns out that so many Irish fought against Napoleon for Britain that the Cathedral started taking in regimental colours from these soldiers.

The 2nd Secret of Algo- Why are there 41 poems in the collection and what is the poem about?

I was 41 when I wrote the poems in this collection two years ago (in lockdown after lockdown) and that’s why it started with “41”. Why did it end with Unreconciled Doors?. I think everyone has encountered a Judas and everyone has a little bit of Judas in themselves too. The poem seemed fitting as the collection was a journey, a cataclysmic one that followed heartbreak and loneliness and poor mental health and pictures the poet arriving at an unreconciled door and extending their hand. Chancing their arm but also maybe making peace with themselves and what has happened. The poem is bitter in tone, but apart from the title, is the artist reconciling himself with the past and moving on.

The 3rd Secret of Algo-People who have helped me including you guys reading this.

The secret behind anything worthwhile is people.

Thank you first of all from A -to-B, the person who does my Instagram daily and more importantly has to daily put up with me!! and to C- who edited this second collection and was the first Algo fan and a great poet in their own right.

Finally a big thanks to anyone reading this, anyone who has read a copy of either collection, or anyone who has listened to the podcast. You make it all worthwhile.

I will be back with a third collection, and yes it will be featured in a daily way on Behind The Lines again, but for the moment, I will dip in and out weekly here with musings, fragments, ridiculous opinions and the odd bit of literary criticism or history.

The next collection, in what will be the book end of a starting trilogy for a poet, is another progression I feel…

But slightly less dark,

A Light Goes On.

If you like and if you can, having being delighted by this daily dose of dissonance, maybe Buy Me a Coffee please ,or even better, buy Unreconciled Doors, so you can read along with Behind the Lines!


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