Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Fragment #15-Everyone crosses the finish line

In the liminal spaces between poetry collections, I will be periodically posting previously unpublished hand written fragments,the orphaned odes that did not find a home in any collection.

This is the 15th such fragment of some of the copious couplets and isolated ideas that did not turn into full form poems, but that you may find resonance with. I wanted to highlight where even the embryonic nature of two lines of rhyme can come from and maybe what full works they were influenced by or would go on to influence.

“Everyone crosses the finish line” is a work about the perils of attachment and constantly chasing the next brass ring, (because there is always another one) while caged in this temporary human body.

There is always someone else putting the medals around your neck, someone else holding the starter’s gun, while not bothering to run themselves and someone else holding the tape, defining the distance and speed and quality of -YOUR- journey.

There isn’t very much that you can take with you in the end so better to experience existence rather than chasing the next experience or achievement.



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