Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

A well timed Fragment…..# 17 !!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!.

No sales pitch today, just have a pint if you’re that way inclined!!.

Saint Patrick was Welsh.

Taken as a slave to Ireland, he escaped after six years of captivity, went home and then…came back.

Using the shamrock to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he spread Christianity through the Emerald Isle (and maybe droves some snakes out!!)

Irish people are proud to be Irish, but should also be proud of our imports, not just our exports.

It is a country, I am proud to say, that welcomes refugees, those fleeing war and persecution, and who are in danger of any kind.

The nation with a huge experience of how emigrants should NOT be treated from our own history , knows the importance of having a place to call home.

So wear green, get a little tipsy ,and have fun, wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Our flag is not green, white and gold-it is green, white and orange.

First unfurled in Waterford in 1848, The Green is for Republican Catholicism, the Orange for Loyalist Anglicanism and the White for -Peace,

Happy Saint Patrick’s day- from a very happy refugee by choice…. from Dublin…. but also happily today, from- Belfast,



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