Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Haiku Ichi (Haiku 1)

This is the fourth poem from my third collection and a rare venture into exercising within the constraints of traditional poetic forms and structures.

One day I wrote, I think, about seven Haikus, thus the numbering on this one, the first attempt. Another Haiku from that same session has also made the final cut of A Light Goes On.

Haikus are seventeen syllable (those two words sound great together-don’t they?) poems, normally written in a single line in Japanese.

In English, they are often translated into a three line poem (as in this instance) and generally have a naturalistic subject matter.

This one , I admit ,is quite melancholic and a sort of lilting lament-“I tried so many times”.

The Sun in today’s piece is a dimmer switch that the poet cannot turn up to it’s full radioactive radiance.

The poet’s will to control the emotive elements of nature has failed and “only rain came”.


My second collection, Unreconciled Doors, is the subject of Season 2 of the Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines podcast-follow it on your favourite podcast provider to listen along.


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