Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

General Anxiety and Major Depression

Yesterday, we got into the Way Back Machine and went to the world of woe that was the Pandemic. The poem that follows in BE.aGaIN occupies the mind of someone living during that instance of imposed isolation.

I was always fascinated with how words could be compounded or discounted and how even a hyphen can change a word like “Dis-ease”. A state of ” Dis-ease” through a disease was the state the world lived for a period of two years.Similarly looking at the meaning behind words was always interesting- e.g.- Worship is the same word as Protest, as in it’s Pro-test-It’s For-Testimony.So worship can be a form of protest and vice-versa.

The first verse shows how negative thoughts can surround someone and invade, especially when in isolation. I was also keen to show the contradiction of being surrounded but completely alone. The word “gathering” was taken from the first verse to use again in the second.

Negative thoughts and negative self-talk are common and hard to deal with, especially in the face of uncertainty and coupled with a lack of purpose. For those that suffer with them, it’s important to remember or use as a mantra, that the thoughts are not your own, they are not real and can’t hurt you.They have been around for thousands of years as a bi-product of developing human consciousness.

The “gathering” in the first verse swirls over the piece and lands twice in different ways with different meanings at the conclusion of the poem in the second verse:- “All gathering”

Anxiety and Depression are parts of the human condition and for those suffering from it-talk to someone-you are not alone-and you are in no way weak or not normal.And anyway, normal is boring!.



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