Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

My Face or Yours?

Behind The Lines is the daily companion piece over 50 consecutive days for the 50 poems in my debut collection, BE.aGaIN. The collection is available now for a limited period for just $£€0.99!! in Kindle Format or $£€ 3.99 !! in Paperback.

Today’s piece is “My Face or Yours”. In this work, the protagonist imagines a possible future where ,whoever has left him ,has seen his face again after many years-

“You will look at it like you’ve never seen me before”

The author imagines that the viewer will have a disappointing experience like being handed “Melted ice-cream” . The “sunken eyes” in the next line I mag-pied from Paul Mc Cartney’s “Blackbird”.

The narrator’s state of mind is brought to us via his face (the focus of the poem) which is almost afraid to see it’s own reflection in a mirror-“I appear in reflective glass, when I have the courage”.

The poem then pivots to the long lost love the poem is addressed to. The addressee we are told appears in a different type of surface made from melted sand -“in the broad church of sleepless night”

Our author was a lone worshipper of the absent absconded false deity, sitting in the darkness and praying for her return with-

“Blind faith”.


The image used for this piece is a Noh Mask of W.B. Yeats, created by Simon Starling.


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