Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Instant Karma* and How to Forgive the Ego

The 8th poem from Unreconciled Doors was an easy one to write but describes the hardest thing you’ll ever do-Forgive.

I held onto a lot of hatred in my heart for a long time-It was a rage from childhood that would explode when I least needed it to and unfortunately, I saw it as a positive.

The weight of this was hard to describe and it was an energy that I thought I was using correctly to drive myself forward.

Two things helped me write this poem-The first was looking at the derivation and origin of words and the second was a moment of enlightenment from reading other people’s words.

Let’s go with the first writing aid firstly-a literary, literal search for meaning. As poets and readers, we are surrounded by words and surrender to them-they are our tools and their familiarity sometimes obscures their obvious origin and importance.

As a student of French (I use the term “student” loosely-pigeon would be more accurate), I realised that Pardon and Forgive were the exact same words. They are both For-Give! or For-giving!.

Pardon comes from Par-donner or later back “per-donare” in Medieval Latin, which is forgive so pardoning is actually forgiving.

I point out the Latin here as “per” means completely! so to complete give is what the act of forgiveness is all about.

This set me on a definition of the two words starting the first two lines.

The second aid in writing this poem-and in forgiving myself and others- came from a higher place and was discovered in this book…..

This is an extraordinary book that I am not going to begin to explain as I am very bad at it, but it enabled me to see the world in a completely different way and made me an artist.

Essentially, the ego is responsible for much that is wrong on our earthly plain. It is the ego that glories in lies,(see politics) in attachment to physical objects (consumerism)and revels in revenge, hatred and the suffering of others(violence).

The ego, unfortunately has to hit bottom in order to surrender and find a higher power. A few years ago, I would have laughed at the very notion, but have no problem saying that it is true.-because I have experienced it.There is a journey from Anger, Fear and Shame to Love (unconditional not romantic) where true forgiveness is possible-

Forgiveness of yourself and others.Try it, sit with it, even once and you will be amazed at the weight that lifts.” Losing” and “winning” are ego based concepts whilst giving is not.

I believe in forgiveness. I would not be able to live in the city that I currently do without it. I would not have been able to take the photo, of the piece of a thankfully mostly torn down wall turned gallery, in a different city without it either.

Forgiveness is the hardest thing you will ever ever do but it is worthwhile.

“Forgiving before this living ends”

*I chose Instant Karma to be in the title of today’s post, not just because of the excellent song, but if we do discover -at the end of all of this- that there are not many life times in which Karma is distributed and just one-then it might be better to live karmically. Everyone is at a different level of consciousness in their journey so forgiving your ego and anybody else’s is probably the quickest route upwards!.

Shine on!,


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