Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

We Are All Made Of Stars

Most of the elements that make up the human body were formed from stars.

When stars die and lose their mass, their elements are swept out into space.

The poem’s title in today’s Behind the lines would suggest that it is someone reflecting on their “Youth”.

The first line, however- “My previous incarnation”-leads us somewhere very different entirely.

Time-billions of years maybe- and its “mischievous incantation” have turned dust and it’s trace elements from a dead star into the elements of a living, breathing human and …. as we start to realise on reading through…. and then again back out into space to form a new star.


There has to be some kind of intelligent design going on? No?

Even the hydrogen that makes up nearly 10% of our earthly bodies came from the Big Bang.

Maybe evolution is just-constant creation. Maybe their is no division between two opposing entrenched theoretical camps after all and all we have to do is look up to find answers to our questions?

“Twinkle out there sleeping”.

Maybe every life that ever lived or ever will live are the gleaming gilded pinholes that we can see piercing the black blanket of night.

It’s where we came from and where we will all go back to?-

“Mute, hanging above nations”

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