Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

Ignorance or Bliss?

Today, we go Behind The Lines of another poem from “Unreconciled Doors”.

This one is entitled “Wisdom”.

Wisdom is quite different from knowledge. Knowledge can be gained through study, reading a book, a Google search or watching a documentary.

Wisdom on the other hand is like earning “A medal for service”.

It is lived knowledge and experience and not always pleasant.

Sometimes the way to receive it is from surrounding yourself with the ignorant. (Though you won’t know that at the time!).

Ignorance just sees difference outside it’s orbit, it operates on a surface level and falls in with the familiar.

It is not curious, it is not courageous and it does not seek gnosis.

Ignorance is very different from Innocence, as an unwillingness to experience knowledge is very different from not having encountered an opportunity to do so yet.

It loves the same, the similar and will not adapt or embrace change or “the other”.

Ignorance is the mother of all evil and will eventually lead to destruction of the ignorant and those in it’s blast radius-

“The battle scars of Life’s dance”.

Our protagonist in today’s poem is a “shaking and nervous” wreck and whatever they have been through, it is clear that they chose the “wrong hill for a last stand”.

The only reason that they know this, is, through having experienced it.

Wisdom is a lot harder earned than knowledge, but an awful lot better than being ignorant.

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